Friday, 13 June 2014

No Spend June - Week 2

So, I have noticed that my wages are starting to disappear faster than usual and I really need to save for a holiday in October.  To try and rectify this I have decided to do a No Spend Month.  Starting 31st May (when I get paid) I am going to endeavour to not spend on any non-essentials.  The only exception is for birthday presents as I have a couple of people's birthdays to buy for.  What you see below is a truthful account of how it went.

So, Week 2 begins.  Last week was better than expected but still pretty bad.  I have had to reduce my saving goal to £100.  Still, I am hopeful for this week.  

DAY 1 

Lunch and bakery goods - £9.85
Postage -  62p


No spend

Day 3

No Spend

Day 4

No Spend

Day 5

Gift for next doors baby - £5

Borrowed 2 books from library saving £14 - £16

Day 6

Food - £7

Day 7 

Postage - £1.24
Pastry and cold drink from cafe - £4.45

Total Spend this week - £29.16

I am noticing a recurring theme, I seem to spend a lot of money on extra food.  It's given me something to think about (food for thought if you will). 

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