Saturday, 7 June 2014

No Spend June Week 1

So, I have noticed that my wages are starting to disappear faster than usual and I really need to save for a holiday in October.  To try and rectify this I have decided to do a No Spend Month.  Starting 31st May (when I get paid) I am going to endeavour to not spend on any non-essentials.  The only exception is for birthday presents as I have a couple of people's birthdays to buy for.  What you see below is a truthful account of how it went.

OK, I am going to share my pitiful wage (don't judge me) and expenses.

Incoming - £780

G - £150
Loan - £70
Subscriptions - £35
Gas/Electric - £60
Phone - £15
Insurance - £20
TV Licence - £12
Bus Pass - £46

Incoming - Outgoing = £372

G Takes care of other bills

My aim is to save £150 this month.


Day 1: Already finding it difficult not to go on-line shopping like I normally do on pay day.

Had to go into town to get new glasses.  Couldn't find any cheap ones i liked so ended up buying designer ones -  £149

Cousin had baby last week bought comfort blanket as gift - £8

3 postcards to send to penpals / postcrossing swaps - £1.80

Fudge doughnut - 80p

Embroidery hoop - £3.99

So as far as day one goes I've not done so well, although glasses are a necessity and I did get a pair of prescription sunglasses free.

Day 2:

Bakery - £5

Day 3:

No spend

Day 4:

Postage - £5.60

Day 5:

Hot Chocolate - £2.50

Day 6:

Borrowed book from library and ordered another on my to read list saving £14 - £16

Shoes for work - £6 
Takeaway - £6 
Chocolate bar - 75p

Day 7:

Birthday present - £26.74
Postage - £13

Total Spend this week - £229.18

If I take the £149 off for the glasses though it's £80.18.  Not great, believe it or not this is a vast improvement though!  Roll on next week where hopefully I will show more restraint.

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