Saturday, 29 March 2014

I Like your Style - Harajuku

I like all kinds of fashion even ones i could never wear.  Harajuku style is one i love but know i'm too old and large to pull off.  I am amazed by the amount of time and effort that goes in to some of these looks.  What i like especially about the style is the playfulness of it.  It's like playing dress up.  The photos in this post are from pintrest, for more Japanese street style check out this site

Ezaki Nanaho is an 18-year-old student and former Egg Magazine model who works at one of Harajuku's most popular boutiques. We see her around the streets often and she's always super friendly. Nanaho is wearing a polka dot swing dress and cardigan (both from Nadia Harajuku) with white tights & Meirire flats. You can see Nanaho's full look - including closeups of her cherry nail art - here. #tokyofashion #street snap #Harajuku  Bunny Hoodie Dress 35$, Pastel Shirred Dress 27$, Hello Kitty Tights 15$

Fairy Kei  Mim & Mam are Japanese twin sisters, and Zipper Magazine models, who are often in #Harajuku. When we spotted them this time, they were wearing matching E Hyphen World Gallery coats, Vivienne Westwood, Bon Bon, Tokyo Chiip Lovers & more. Mim is on the right with pink hair, Mam on the left. #tokyofashion #street snap

Cute J-fashion <3  RT @Tokyo Japan Japan Japan Fashion: Japanese eyelash designer @VIVID_VI_VRANT on the street in Harajuku w/ supercute pink style!

Ombre Hair in Braids  Japanese gyaru fashion . So Kawaii!

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