Monday, 14 October 2013

Influential women #5 Cerrie Burnell

I have started an Inspirational Women series on this blog and on Pintrest because women are great and sometimes we forget that and try to act like men, which we suck at.
If you don't have kids you might not know who Cerrie Burnell is.  I include myself in this group i found her when i was looking for an Inspirational Woman for this months post.

Cerrie was born with one hand but has not let that stop her from going after her goals.  When she started working for Cbeebies in January 2009 the channel received complaints that she was scaring children.  But she rose above it and refused to wear long sleeves as the restricted her movement.  She felt it was important to raise awareness of disability.

Cerrie decided aged 9 that she would never again wear a prosthetic arm and she never has.  She made the decision that if it affected her getting work she would just have to deal with it.  She gave birth to her daughter 3 months before she got the job and is a single mother.  When reading to her daughter she realised that there was not a lot of mixed race faces in picture books and so she wrote one herself.  Snowflakes is about a little girl who moves from the city to live with her grandmother in the country.  She feels out of place because she looks different to the other children but one night it snows and she realises that all the snowflakes are different and they are all perfect.

She tries to bring diversity and acceptance to all her work.  And for this reason she is inspirational

Cerrie's book Snowflakes is available now.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Happiness Project - October

October Resolutions:


Stimulate the mind in new ways

Keep a food diary

Ugh.  Food diary.

So last month I did not manage to write 30,000 words.  I managed about 17,000, but i am going to keep going with it because i am enjoying it.  I am sure the book is utter drivel but it's a story i would like to read so i don't care.

I did not manage to do any crochet but i did learn how to needle felt thanks to Crafty Creatives so i am please with that.

And in the spirit of September i am forgetting about results.

Thursday, 3 October 2013