Sunday, 14 September 2014

5 Interesting and Inspiring Writings

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100 things to be thankful for list.100 things to be thankful for list on Esther and Jacob

5reasonswhyyoushouldtraveltheworld  5 reasons why you should travel the world on The Lotus Creative

missing the mountains | via: bekuh b.missing the mountains on bekuh browning

Hiking Calm Your mind without sitting to meditate on Tiny Buddha

5 Interesting and Inspiring Writings to make you happy

Reverend Linda Hunsaker presides over the wedding of Vivian Boyack, left, and Alice  Dubes, center, in Davenport. 90 year old gay couple marry on the Guardian
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5 Interesting and Inspiring Writings

It's been a while since I posed one of these, Hope they brighten your day.

 20 Words that once meant something else on

 thankful for my infertility on Laurel Lane
12 things that will put a smile on your face on huffigton post
2014-07-23-1450678_10151957277733280_171018472_n.jpg30 things that will probably happen to you in your 30's on huffington post
Photo by Hari5 ways to start living your dreams today on Rowdy Kittens

Magazines I've been reading recently.

I've been blogging about my reading activities on my new blog Adventures with words but wanted to share the magazines I've been reading here too.  I love magazines, and am a subscriber to Stack, which sends out a different independent magazine every month.

Flow Magazine 

Pom Pom


Gift Magazine

Click on the pictures to see my review of each one.