Thursday, 31 July 2014

Weight loss with Garcinia Cambogia

I'm not one for trying fad diets and turned  down slimming pills from my Dr. However my weight is getting out of control and I really need to do something about it.  I heard about Garcinia cambogia through a magazine article And decided I had nothing to lose but excess weight. 

Day 1

 I have more energy but feel a little like I have low blood sugar

Week 1

This week I found I had more energy than usual.  I didn't feel as hungry even though I had reduced my food intake. However I found out I had been taken in by a fake article. I did consider ditching the pills,  then thought "why not do a real article?".

One thing I did notice was that I was incredibly constipated. On the bottle it said to ensure you drink 2 litres of water a day while taking the pills,  idiom a fair amount of water anyway and with the extra fruit and veg I was taking I thought I was doing ok, and really how important can it be. Turns out very important! I weighed myself after a week taking the pills and I've lost 2lb. 

Week 1

Week 2

This week was different because i was working 12 hour days.  This lead to me eating more because i was tired.  I had Mc Donald's 3 days and snacked a lot.  This can be seen in my weight this week.  I was expecting to see an increase but 5 lb is a bit excessive and i was quite shocked.

Week 2

Week 3

Back on track this week, though i forgot to take the pills a few times.

Week 3
Week 4

So, I forgot to take the pills a few days again this week.  I thought i'd done ok but the scales don't seem to show this.

Week 4

Well I started out really impressed with these pills but in the end they didn't have much affect for me.  This could be because i forgot to take them sometimes.  They did help in the first couple of weeks while i got used to a reduced diet.  I had more energy because of the caffeine in them and was less grumpy because i didn't feel so hungry.

It isn't the "I lost a stone in a day" story that i see on the web but this one is at least real.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

My 10 favourite Disney Characters

1) Stitch
 Stitch. Will probably always be my favorite Disney character. And I think he should be an honorary pokemon.

2) Snow White
New Disney Side Photo Series Features Disney Character Lookalikes

3) Rapunzel
Rapunzel My favorite disney princess

4) Mushu
Eddie Murphy doesn't need to be a donkey to be awesome

5) Carl Fredricksen
Watched Up again... cried again...

6) Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow. Sorry  ---  CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow  ----.Johnny Depp   ♥♥♥

7) Belle
Belle by Draw_4everr (Instagram)

8) Gus Gus

9) Winnie the Pooh & Eeyore
Winnie the Pooh nursery art

10) Giselle
Giselle - The eternal optimist, able to smile through even the scariest and most dangerous of adventures!

All Photos found on Pintrest

Saturday, 5 July 2014

I Like your Style - Shoes

Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes. Pictures from Pintrest and collected on my board

The Best of Times Heel in Grey  Butter Mint

It's all perfect.  Smart and Snazzy Heel in Seabreeze | Mod Retro Vintage Heels |

Irregular Choice  Rachel Antonoff for Bass New Orleans Attitude Shoe by Bass - Multi, Yellow, Tan / Cream, Green, Casual, Menswear Inspired, Spring, Low, Leather

super cute boots!  ~Klomp-schoenen van Lapprose~

Put a bird on it: the SHOE edition  Put a bird on it: the SHOE edition